I found Pilates extremely beneficial during my pregnancy where Judy focused on strengthening my core. After giving birth it was much easier to get back into shape and I am confident it was because of Judy’s classes. Thanks Judy! — Nicol

I started Pilates with Judy about 18 months ago. My aim was to gain “core strength”. Girlfriends with excellent figures all recommended Pilates, but I didn’t hold out much hope in that direction, however my shape has improved. The greatest improvement has been in old injuries – a frozen shoulder, an ankle that swelled daily. These things have truly made a difference to my quality of life. — Wendy 

I regularly attended Judy’s Saturday morning class for quite some time. It’s a fairly relaxed atmosphere and very welcoming. Plenty of laughter and a great start to the day being very close to the Freo cafe strip.

Judy is very professional and has a considerable wealth of experience. She was able utilise many techniques – simple and strong, basic core training as well as complicated and challenging techniques when it was required.

The times when my spine had seized and my back was tight, Judy had many effective techniques to assist in resolving this. Judy employed specific, unique, effective and very strong stretching techniques which made noticeable difference.

She was very observant and was able to correct any incorrect posture and movements quickly. I noticed a definite improvement in my core strength and body awareness – not just when in the class but in between classes in my daily routines.

I definitely recommend Judy at Free Range Therapy should you be looking for a friendly, relaxed and professional class. — Iggy

Classes at Free Range Therapy are small and so can be catered to the individual.

The excellent Judy demonstrates and guides in a low-key, friendly atmosphere encouraging all to do their best.  Two hours weekly enjoyably spent.  —  Ginnie

I’ve attended Judy’s Pilates classes for over one year now and am impressed by Judy’s wide knowledge. If any of us have an ache somewhere she just knows the appropriate exercise to ease the pain. Best of all, a friend of mine asked me if I had lost weight, which I hadn’t. When I mentioned it in class Judy said Pilates streamlines your body. So that was an added bonus. — Corinne

Keeps me fit, flexible and aligned.  It’s enjoyable and had improved my scoliosis greatly.  — Tam

I feel revitalised, more flexible.  Has improved my core body strength.  Generally feel better in mind & spirit.  — Beverley

Working as lawyer had brought stress and a consequential tightening of muscles. Aging had also tightened my muscles up, made them harder to loosen, and reduced my range of motion. I found Judy’s various exercise routines helped me loosen my muscles, made day to day activities a lot easier, and helped me sleep better. From a total body workout perspective, I was stronger in my muscles, back, tendons and joints. I also found muscles became more flexible and with stretching, I was far less likely to be injured. Thanks Judy. — Jeremy

I prided myself on being “fit” for my age (nearly 60) until the back injury and the reality set in that not only was this injury very painful but also very limiting, I could not pick up the grandkids, move without being cautious  or do anything spontaneous like dancing  when the music is good and you really long to. The back specialist said it would be a very difficult operation and he was not prepared to do it. I thought that was the end. Judy’s stretch  classes incorporating her many years of work and understanding of the human body combined with her compassion and sense of humour was my turning point back to health and youthful flexibility (while having fun).  In moving back to fitness under her guidance I have come to learn more about my own body and its weaknesses and how to build up strength,  through the individualised exercise programme.  I recommend Judy and her work without hesitation, because I have personally experienced the immense benefits from the stretch classes myself.  I have also witnessed my husband who suffered a life threatening illnesss, causing paralysis, benefit from the classes. Take time to care for yourself and join us. — Lindy