Free Range Therapy offers a range of services based on occupational therapy, ergonomics, Pilates and therapeutic stretching.  These include :

  • Healthy Living:
    • Pilates Sessions
      • Mat Pilates
      • Studio Pilates
      • Pre and Post Natal
      • Private & Duo Session
    • Stretch Sessions
      • Group
      • Private & Duo Session
    • Guyzone – for men
  • Individual services specifically designed for your business:
    • Manual Handling Training
    • Safe Patient Handling Techniques
    • Functional Capacity Evaluation
    • Ergonomic Assessment
    • Ergonomic Design Review
    • Workstation Design
    • Control Room Design
    • Pre Installation/ Pre Modification Reviews
    • Ergonomic Training
    • Disability Access Audits
    • Disability Awareness Training
    • Workplace Wellness – Pilates and/or Stretching
  • Individual assistance to you and your family:
    • Home visit, assessment and advice
    • Family conference
    • Carer Training
      • Assisting someone to get up from the floor or to move from bed to chair
      • Looking after your own health
      • Promoting independence
      • Caring for children
    • Prescription of aids and equipment
    • Understanding memory loss and dementia
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists are health professionals who enable people to improve their health and wellbeing, and address the limitations of injury, illness or health conditions. Occupational Therapy (OT) is a person-centred practice that assists individuals and organisations progress towards their goals.

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Ergonomics is a systems-oriented discipline which now applies to all aspects of human activity.  It is about ‘fit’: the fit between people, the things they do, the objects they use and the environments they work, travel and play in. If good fit is achieved, the stresses on people are reduced. They are more comfortable, they can do things more quickly and easily, and they make fewer mistakes. So when we talk about ‘fit’, we don’t just mean physical fit, we are concerned with psychological and other aspects too.

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Pilates & Therapeutic Stretching

The Pilates method of exercise, created by Joseph Pilates over 50 years ago, offers a total body workout program that enhances quality of life through improving strength, flexibility, control, breath, coordination, and body awareness. Posture, core strength, and balance will remarkably improve, resulting in lean and sculpted muscles.

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